WNCN New York 104.3 FM Classical Radio at its Best 1956-1993

"America's Favorite Classical Radio Station "

Gordon Spencer's career at WNCN spanned some two decades and he has written about the VERY early days of WNCN, not too long after it first signed on in 1956. The studios then were in the spire atop the Hotel Pierre on Fifth Avenue in a space shared with the transmitter. On a lower floor was the office and studio of WBAI which was a commercial station until it was donated to the Pacifica Foundation.

Gordon writes about his radio career, but the section on WNCN (and WQXR) is about midway through his remarkable memoir; look for it in late 2020


(Above) Marian Lawston, Traffic Manager, covering lunch-hour reception duty

1. Betty Lyons and her daughter, with a bearded Bill Vallee in Central Park

2. Sue Smith, office manager, with Betty Lyons, receptionist

3. David Dubal shows Betty Lyons how to hold a baseball bat, at the Central Park    ballpark at the first "Brahms Bombers" game vs. NY City Opera

4. All-night announcer Dana Bate with Betty Lyons in a candid shot

5. WNCN is well represented in this photo montage of NY radio performers, 1977  

Shown are Oscar Buhler, Matt Edwards, Gordon Spencer