On January 25th, 2003 almost forty former WNCN staffers gathered in New York City to meet each other, and to celebrate what had been truly a great station. It was wonderful for me to meet so many WNCNers, from before my time there and those who followed. What a great group! I can't believe serious-music broadcasters could be such party animals!

We also would like to update the list below, so that the permanent exhibit will be both correct and complete. Your corrections and additions would be most welcome.



Bill Watson, Lucien Ricard, Joe Marzano, Oscar Buhler, Paul Berman, Skip Weshner, and Lucky Perrin are reported to have passed on. R.I.P. .

Elliot Forrest+

Bob Adams+

Matt Edwards+

Harry Fleetwood

Gordon Spencer+

Henry Lewis

Candace Agree

Andrew Cross

Susan Kirby

Dick Jason

Ralph Lowenstein+

Rik Malone

Bernie Alan

Tony Rousseau

Max Cole+

Clayelle Dalferes

Bill Jerome+

Bob Ricci

Dana Bate

Ed Shaughnessey

Steve Sullivan

Eric Zoro

James Pinckney

Cal Miller

John Vidaver

Ray Marlin

Joe Riley

Joe Ripley

Don Herman

Larry Josephson

John Gruen

Jerry Maggid

Annie Bergen+

Lori Conley

Sandy Bull

Sheldon Landwehr

Frank Coffee

Paul Cavalconte+

Art Helmer+

Vince Colonna+

Frank Lansing

Bob Evans

Warren Dean

Neil Rosen+

Vinny Marino

Bill Slater

Chris Borgen

Peter Gerald

Max Horowitz


Albert Fuller

Maurice Essam (deceased)

David Dubal

Gabriela Tomanevicz

Margaret Mercer

Kathy Dobkin

Matt Biberfeld

Mario Mazza

Sarah Quagliata+

Peter Lieberson

Leah Hyman+

Jessica Sabat+

Enid Hecht


John Hood

Stan Hamilton

Ed Dent

Stan Gurell

Tom Bird+

Bob Richer+

Matt Field

Gene Labrie

John McCorkle

Randy Bongarden


Elise Topaz

Leona Simon

Rick Weinstein+

Rhonda Phillips

Bill Salamone

Jack Fenster

Mark Seligman

Chris Kucha

Todd Masuda

Suzanne Stewart

Judy Boston

Rick Malone


Richard Sequerra

Eric Small+

Richard Koziol

Mark Xenakis

Ralph Olsen+

Charles Pitts

David Antoine

Tom Whitmore

Vince Marino+

Max Horowitz+

Vito Colonna

Jim Galbraith

Matt Rubin

Sidney Feldman


Jeri Lesser (Olsen)+

Sedgewick Clark+

Bill Vallee+

Joan Challinor

Doug Hyde

Margaret Day

Charlene Thorum


Kathy Savalas

Marian Lawston

Esther Turnbull

Judy Fremont

Ivan Cooper

Andre Robinson

Cheryl Rucker

Amalia Salas

Donna Sanches

Jo-Ann Siegel

Betty Lyons

Joan Abel+